July 2012 update

Pc 9098 Mark Clough, Saddleworth North Policing Team

Crime June July
Burglary (Of homes) 5 4
Burglary of other(Shed, Garage, Business) 5 5
Theft from a vehicle 5 4
Theft of a vehicle 2 1
Criminal damage 11 5
Robbery 0 0










Burglary Dwelling x 4

Devon Drive, Diggle – Bodily force used to gain entry through back door, offenders remove alarm panel from within property.

Rivington Road, Springhead – Offenders throw large pebble from garden through rear ground floor bedroom window.

Cornwall Crescent – Distraction burglary.  Offender flashes black wallet at aggrieved party and told her she had been burgled and to go and have a look, whilst at the back of her property the offender made off with cash from the house.

Delph Lane – Offender uses large stone from back garden to smash glass panel in rear door, enter property and steal small items of jewellery.

All The above burglaries were day time breaks

Burglary Other  x 5

Delph New Road – Property stolen from shipping container.

Bouncers play centre, Diggle – Float stolen from premises.

Gartside Street, Delph – Lock forced on garage door, no access gained.

Bleak Hey Nook, Delph – 2 x Pedal cycles stolen from rear locked garden shed.

Slackcote Lane, Denshaw – Offenders gain entry to out building and steal property from within. £2,400 worth of tools.

Vehicle crime x Theft from A Vehicle

Oldham Road, Denshaw – Food stolen

Ammons Way, Delph – 2 x pedal cycles stolen off secure cycle carrier.

Diggle Mill, Dickens Lane – Quad bike stolen from forecourt.

Harrop Green – Offenders push lock through into door skin.

Vehicle crime x Theft of A Vehicle

Delph Lane – Unknown offender approaches vehicle with true key and makes off with vehicle.

Criminal Damage x 5

Delph Lane – Vehicle damage

Grains Road – Vehicle damage

St Thomas Friarmere Church – Vehicle damage

Huddersfield Road, Waterhead – Damage to ground floor window.

Oldham Road, Delph – Damage to bus shelter.

Other News

There have been a considerable number of burglaries throughout the Saddleworth area. These have occurred between the hours of 12pm and 6pm.  The offenders have used stones from back gardens to break windows and doors at the rear of  properties.

Please be extra vigilant and security conscious, reporting any suspicious activity/persons immediately to the police on 101.

Homewatch Recruitment Drive

Wednesday 12th September between 10am and 1pm  – Uppermill Market

Friday 14th September between 1pm and 7pm outside the Swann Public House, King Street Delph.

Friday 14th September between 1pm and 7pm outside Greenfield Tesco.

Saddleworthandlees.npt@gmp.police.uk or give us a call on 0161 856 4525



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