community_police Saddleworth North

Courtesy of GMP

Burglary(Of homes) 5 0 2 4
Burglary Other(Shed, Garage, Business) 4 4 4 3
Theft from a vehicle 4 3 4 3
Theft of a motor vehicle 0 6 1 0
Criminal Damage 5 4 4 7
Robbery 0 0 0 0
Other Theft 3

Saddleworth North

Burglary Dwelling

Sevenacres, Delph – Bodily force was used against the front door to gain access to the property. The alarm was activated and offenders fled the scene.

Crib Fold, Dobcross – Offenders attempted to enter the garage through an unlocked door. The alarm was activated and offenders fled the scene.

Dalefields, Delph – The rear door of the detached property was kicked open. The alarm was activated and offenders fled the scene.

Huddersfield Road, Denshaw –The lock on a rear door was snapped. The noise alerted the occupants and the offenders fled the scene.

Burglary Other

Huddersfield Road, Waterhead – Offenders used a ladder, removed from an adjoining garden, to gain access via a rear first floor unlocked window. Once inside they conducted an untidy search and removed property.

Thorpe Close , Austerlands – Offenders drilled the lock on a secure garage door to gain access. They removed several items.

Sandy Lane, Dobcross – Offenders smashed a rear garage window to gain entry to the garage and stole a Cube bicycle.

Vehicle crime – Theft from a motor vehicle

Huddersfield Road , Delph – Offenders smashed the rear window of a vehicle and stole a radio from within.

Friarmere Road, Delph – Offenders smashed the front near side window of a vehicle and stole the airbags from the steering wheel and dashboard.

Oldham Road, Denshaw – Front and rear number plates were stolen from a secure unattended motor vehicle.

Criminal Damage

Huddersfield Road, Scouthead  – Offender smashed the windows and wing mirrors of several vehicles using a broken broom handle. He was arrested near the scene.

Long Lane, Dobcross – Offender/s poured an unknown substance over a vehicle causing damage.

Harrop Court Road, Diggle – Offender/s poured a tin of white emulsion paint over parked secure vehicle.

Other Thefts

Huddersfield Road, Diggle – Offenders ran from a taxi without paying fare.

Platt Lane , Dobcross – Offenders forced a hasp and staple lock of a garden shed and stole a sit and ride lawn mower.

Dobcross New Road – Offenders stole twelve stone flags, which were laid as a path, from the rear garden.

Contact PCSO Monica Seville, PCSO Kath Crompton or PC Mark Clough at or call 0161 856 8825



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