Saddleworth North Monthly Crime Figures: Oct 2014

Supplied by GMP

Burglary (Of homes) 5 0 2
Burglary Other (Shed, Garage, Business) 4 4 4
Theft from a vehicle 4 3 4
Theft of a motor vehicle 0 6 1
Criminal damage 5 4 4
Robbery 0 0 0

Saddleworth North Monthly Crime Figures: Oct 2014

Burglary Dwelling

Slackcote Lane , Delph – Offenders gained access to the building via an insecure porch door and stole property.

Oldham Road, Denshaw – Offenders used garden furniture to reach a rear lounge window. They smashed the window and alerted the home owners. The offenders fled the scene.

Burglary Other

Restaurant, Gatehead Business Park, Delph New Road, Delph – Offenders used bodily force to open the front entrance doors to the restaurant. Once inside they conducted an untidy search and damaged three internal doors. A television was stolen. The offenders left but returned in a vehicle, approximately an hour and a half later, and stole further items.

Huddersfield Road, Denshaw – Offenders broke into the detached garage setting off the alarm, The home owner was alerted. He discovered two males in his garage. He tried to hold the garage door closed to keep the men inside but they manage to barge through the door running off in different directions. The owner then drove around the area to see if he could find the offenders. On returning to his property he found a male hiding behind a wall. The offender was detained and arrested on police arrival.

Wool Road, Dobcross – Offenders used a concrete slab to break the outer pane on a rear door in an attempt to gain entry to the building. They then used the same slab to smash a rear ground floor window. Entry was gained and items were taken.

Huddersfield Road, Diggle – Offenders gained access to a building site removing and stealing tools from inside a locked secure container.

Vehicle crime – Theft from a motor vehicle

Vehicle, Knarr Lane, Delph – property was stolen from the rear of a flat bed vehicle.

Vehicle, Woodbrook Road , Springhead – A built-in sat-nav and a portable sat-nav were stolen from a parked secure vehicle.

Digger, Huddersfield Road, Diggle – Offenders entered a building site and stole fuel from a digger after forcing the cap off the fuel tank.

Vehicle, Woodbrook Road, Springhead – Offenders removed tools from the boot of the vehicle. They were disturbed by the owner and fled leaving the tools in situ.

Vehicle Crime – Theft of motor vehicle

Nicker Brow, Dobcross – Offenders stole a locked and secure motorcycle. It was recovered, nearby, three days later.

Criminal Damage

Denshaw Road, Delph – Metal road sign were damaged by youths.

You can contact PC 09098 Mark Clough, PCSO Monica Seville, and PCSO Kath Crompton at: or call 0161 856 8825.



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