Evan's Garden

Diggle based chocolatier and cake maker Pat Cliffe has introduced a new range of unique Belgian chocolates for the Christmas season.

Pat who started Sugar Violets in April 2011 has developed several new recipes for her hand crafted chocolates which include exotic ingredients such as chai tea, rum, absinthe and ginger. Many of her creations, which are made from 70% cocoa solids, have been given mysterious names which she says adds to a sense of discovery; two of her best sellers are called Dark and Stormy and Green Fairies.

Since April Pat has created several bespoke cakes for a variety of occasions. One of her creations was presented to Elizabeth Lawson who recently retired as headteacher at Diggle primary School and, for her friend Evan, she created an exact copy of his garden.

A large selection of Pat’s chocolates will be on sale at Sweet Memories, High Street, Uppermill. For further information regarding Sugar Violets or Pat Cliffe follow this link:  http://www.sugarviolets.co.uk




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