Saddleworth Edges

4 March-2 April 2017


Uppermill Museum and Art Gallery


One of the many things that I love about living in Saddleworth is the way that the built environment ends in a clear defined manner. Although it is on the edge of a conurbation, the boundaries of the National Park prevents the spread of further building. These hills are apparent in all of the villages and form a natural backdrop to our lives. Some local places even have edge as part of their name, describing the places where the millstone grit breaks through the peaty moor. I have used, amongst others Millstone Edge, Harrop Edge and Edge End as starting points for my work.

It is a different world up in the hills away from the high street. Included in this exhibition are sketches made in summer 2016 of the places showing the combination of rural and industrial areas of Saddleworth. They can only be found by exploring as they are literally on the edges of our community.

Diana Terry M.A.



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