On Tuesday 6th December the Diggle Community Association held its Annual General Meeting at Wrigley Mill, Diggle. At the end of a busy year the group celebrated the successes of 2011 and prepared for the challenges of 2012.

This year saw Nigel Shaw step down as chairman. He was thanked for his commitment and contribution to the Diggle community. Although Nigel will no longer sit on the executive committee, he will continue as a member of the association.

In his annual report Nigel described a few of the more notable worldwide events of 2011 then went on to talk specifically about Diggle.

He announced that this year the Band Contest in Diggle saw record numbers and the event, held on Diggle Tip, had been a great success and was a credit to those who organised it. He said, “It is a great Community event. Even the Huddersfield Road resurfacing programme couldn’t dampen people’s enthusiasm.”

Nigel said that Diggle Heroes 2011, an award ceremony that celebrates exceptional achievement in Diggle, had received more nominations than ever. He said that the achievements of the nominees this year are truly outstanding.

The Standedge Tunnel celebrated its bi-centenary this year with two major events starting with the ‘legging’ of the tunnel in early April and ending with an organised event on Diggle Tip in September. Both these events demonstrated that heritage and local history form an important part of our Community.

Nigel said that, “The Diggle village Christmas Carol Service and Christmas Tree lights switch-on was indicative of what makes our village special. It was lovely to see so many people from across the community singing and celebrating together.”

He pointed out that everything changes and we can see in examples in Diggle with the closure of Wrigley Mill Methodist Church. Nigel said that our churches are important and we need to recognise that they need our support if they are to survive. Nigel encouraged the community to use their facilities.

Since September a number of meetings have taken place regarding the future of Wrigley Mill. It is encouraging to see how many in the community value the building and can see its potential as a community asset. He wished the newly formed Wrigley Mill: Community Action Group the best of luck in the future.

Nigel said, “This is my last year as Chairman and I leave with a heavy heart but as I will be concentrating on a new business venture in 2012 I must step back and let others take the reigns. As I step down I can see an exciting future for the Diggle Community Association. There are a number of very capable people stepping up to meet the challenges ahead. I am sure they will continue to build on this years work making our community a vibrant, exciting and thriving place to live.”

In conclusion Nigel thanked all the members for their support and hard work, Wrigley Mill for the use of the building at discounted rates, the Diggle Hotel for the use of their facilities, Frank Settle for continuing to host the DCA website, Lee Mansfield, who has stepped down this year, for his contribution to the DCA and lastly the Committee for their hard work and commitment.

The are several new people who have been elected to serve on the executive this year with each contributing a distinct set of skills and attributes.

The 2011/2012 executive committee.

Chairman: Stuart Coleman is a local photographer based in Diggle. He has a background in education and community work and currently edits an online community news site called Diggle News.

Vice-chairman: Raymond Withnall is a local business man based in Diggle. He has worked as a international project manager for several large multi-nationals and is currently the managing director of Hay Tarn Wills.

Treasurer: Brenda Scowcroft works as a teaching assistant at Diggle Primary School  and was a member of the successful Diggle 21st Action Group which raised funds for the regeneration of the Diggle Tunnel Tip.

Secretary: Julie Johnson is a retired secretary and book keeper and was a member of the Diggle 21st Action Group.

Committee member: Reverend Duncan Rhodes is the vicar at Kiln Green Church and serves on most of the committees in Diggle.

Committee member: Jo Taylor is a member of the Diggle Parents and Teachers Association and is currently developing a website aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer.

The date for the next meeting is 21st February 2012 at 8pm in Diggle Band Club.



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