On Thursday the 10th November Diggle residents held an informal meeting at Wrigley Mill to discuss the future of Wrigley Mill and other community facilities in the village.

The recent closure of Wrigley Mill Methodist Church as a place of worship has created some uncertainty over the building’s future.  The building has a central position in the village and is seen as having great potential for development as a community resource.

There are however concerns for other venues in Diggle which also provide facilities for the community such as Kiln Green Church and Diggle Band Club.

The meeting had been triggered following an announcement at the last Diggle Community Association (DCA) meeting that the Trustees were preparing to put the building up for sale. An informal discussion between DCA members following the meeting led to a decision to explore future potential usage of Wrigley Mill as a community resource.

It was clear at the meeting that the desire to retain Wrigley Mill as a community resource is strongly supported but the work involved in achieving this would be considerable. It was also noted that the other community facilities in Diggle should not suffer because effort has been directed towards this project.

To read a comprehensive account of what was discussed at the meeting click here.

A Facebook page for Friends of Wrigley Mill has been started courtesy of Suzanne Atkens. To view this page click here.



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