Wrigley Mill

Following the closure of Wrigley Mill Methodist Church last year and the announcement, by the Methodist Circuit, that the building would be put up for sale, a group of enthusiastic Diggle residents formed the Wrigley Mill: Community Action Group to explore how the building could be retained for community use.

This Saturday (21st January) between 11 am and 1 pm, WM:CAG are holding a coffee morning at Diggle Band Club.  Although the group is already well supported, this is the first time they have presented their aims publicly to the Diggle community.

WM:CAG is becoming organised to tackle the largest community project in the village since the acquisition of the recreational space at “Diggle Tip”.  They have already registered an interest in Wrigley Mill with OMBC under the new Localism Act and are affiliated to several key community organisations including, Diggle Community Association, Voluntary Action Oldham, Community Matters and Village SOS.

Ray Withnall, the group’s chairperson said, “This is a unique opportunity to acquire a building that has been the focal point of the village for 144 years and retain it for the community. We are an active and enthusiastic group, but we want to expand into Diggle’s community by listening to what people suggest for the building’s future use and to welcome volunteers to help us work towards our goal of adding prestigious community facilities to the village.”

To find further information about WM:CAG click here.



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