millgate theatreThe last advertised play in the Saddleworth Players season, at the Millgate Theatre, is Bill Naughton’s ‘All In Good Time’ which runs from 31st May to 7th June.

Directed by Rod Fitton, this warm, funny and touching play centres on the sensitive Arthur and his new bride forced by economic circumstances to live with his good-hearted but rough-tongued father, Ezra. ‘I try to do right – but somehow it always turns out bloody wrong,’ says Ezra plaintively. He has a lovely nature, but his roughness grates on his sensitive son who would rather listen to serious music than down a pint with the boys. Arthur and his bride can only afford to live with Arthur’s parents. The lack of privacy is so inhibiting that, six weeks after the wedding, Violet woefully confides that she is still a virgin. The news gets around. Humiliated and furious, Arthur intends to leave Violet, but fortunately his rage destroys his inhibitions. Coming downstairs later, his new confidence allows father and son to reach each other for the first time.

Premiered in 1963 ‘All In Good Time’ was later filmed as ‘The Family Way’ with John Mills, Marjorie Rhodes, Hywel Bennett and Hayley Mills. In the Saddleworth Players production Arthur is played by Andy Hoyle, Ezra by Ian Crickett, Lucy, his mother by Edwina Rigby and Violet his bride by Cally Statham.

For online booking and additional information go to the Saddleworth Players website.



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