Councillor Mike Buckley

Councillor Mike Buckley

Saddleworth Parish councillor, Mike Buckley, was today sentenced by Judge Jonathan Foster at Manchester Crown Court for downloading indecent pictures of young boys to his computer.

He was told by the judge that his loss of good character and standing was punishment enough.

Buckley has been ordered to participate, for 35 sessions, in the Internet Sexual Offenders Treatment Programme and will be subject to supervision by the Probation Service for two years. In addition, he will be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for five years and will be on a strict curfew, starting next week, between 8am and 4pm for 28 days.

In response to Buckley’s sentencing the Chairman of Saddleworth Parish Council, Councillor Neil Allsopp released the following statement:

Re: sentence passed today on Councillor Mike Buckley at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester

Following the conviction of Councillor Buckley in December 2015, and the sentence passed on him today, it is my personal opinion that it would be inappropriate for Councillor Buckley to continue to serve as a councillor on Saddleworth Parish Council. I have subsequently invited him to tender his resignation.

I believe this is in the best interests of all concerned. Furthermore, it is my intention to refer the matter to the Borough Solicitor for investigation under the Members’ Code of Conduct.

Councillor Neil Allsopp


Saddleworth Parish Council

13th January 2016

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