Saddleworth Parish Council

Saddleworth Parish Council

In view of Councillor Mike Buckley’s recent conviction and sentence for downloading indecent images of children. At last night’s ordinary meeting of Saddleworth Parish Council, held at the Civic Hall, Lee Street, Uppermill. In front of both press and public, members overwhelmingly voted to remove him from all sub-committees and other bodies on which the Parish Council has delegated representatives.

Following two motions tabled by Councillor Paul Fryer he was removed from the Planning, Estates, Finance, Environment, Strategic Planning and Conservation Areas Advisory Committees and from the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership.

Although the law prevents the Council from removing Mike Buckley from office, members of the Parish Council undertook this course of action to send a strong and unequivocable message to Councillor Buckley and the people of Saddleworth that they wish to disassociate themselves from him as far as possible.

Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor Neil Allsopp said: “It is now clearer than ever that Saddleworth Parish Council and the people of Saddleworth do not wish Mike Buckley to continue to remain on Saddleworth Parish Council.”

“I say again, it is in the interests of all concerned that he resign immediately. He should go, and go now.”

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