Jo Taylor receiving her Above and Beyond Award from Dave Wood at the Diggle Blues Festival on Sunday 10th June at Diggle Band Club.

Jo’s remarkable achievements are testament to her determination and strength of will. Having had treatment for primary breast cancer 11 years ago and after being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 4 years ago, she now supports cancer patients from across the whole of the U.K. and worldwide with peer-to-peer health advice through her web site, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD).

Jo firmly believes (and there is written evidence to support this) that through exercise and fitness, debilitating cancer treatments can be enhanced. This improves chances of recovery and remission and significantly supports living with and beyond for both primary and secondary cancer patients.

Jo said, “I’m delighted to get the award and I hope it will inspire and motivate cancer patients to adopt a mindset that helps them to go way beyond what they thought they could achieve.”

Dave Wood, Diggle Blues Festival organiser said, ” Jo is an inspiration. Just over 11 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, at a time when she had a 5 month old baby and a two year old son. Rather than retreat into self-pity she pushed forward and started After Breast Cancer Diagnosis. This took incredible strength, stamina and determination. Her work helping patients make informed choices has been tireless.

“In addition to advice, Jo also runs retreats promoting the benefits of exercise and positive thinking. She encourages wellbeing both physically and mentally through Nordic walking, cycling, running, relaxation and yoga.

“Jo’s fundraising for ABCD exceeded £3500 last year. In addition, she completed the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride four times whilst fundraising for Christies (once in the middle of chemotherapy).  She has raised, over the past four years, £20,000  for charity.

“Her preparatory work and conferences took her to Lisbon, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Paris. She has lobbied government and met with the previous Shadow Health Secretary, Heidi Alexander and her own MP, Debbie Abrahams.

“Jo attends The Christie for treatment every three weeks and has been doing that for four years. She has had numerous chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Jo admits to being “a bit odd” but to many she comes across as selfless, brave and inspirational. I’m very proud to recognise her with the Above and Beyond Award.”

For more information about ABCD and Jo Taylor visit: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis



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