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John Mathews, Sahara Desert, BBC films, ‘Madness in the Desert’

Local film maker and writer John L Matthews is offering his creative writing course for the first time in the area.

From November 6th until December 4th at Dobcross Community Church, Sandy Lane, Saddleworth, John will be running his creative writing course.

Says John ‘I started my working life as a butcher. But for the last twenty years I have earned a living from my writing and film making, film making based almost entirely on research and writing skills. Now if I, as an ex-butcher can become a writer and a film maker, then so can you. There is no one going to stop you.

‘…We have been running creative thinking courses for businesses for many years but this is the first time we have run such an event locally. The whole course is to help those who have never written anything to start writing, and for those with more experience, to improve what they are doing and maybe add a little ambition in there.’

John, who set up Manchester based film company Bigger Picture ten years ago, made the seminal film ‘Grand Prix the Killer Years’ which was shown on BBC 2 in the UK and Discovery Networks in the USA. He is releasing his first book, ‘Grand Prix the Killer Years – the Original Transcripts’, based on the interviews from the film, this November.

John has previewed many of his films at the Railway Pub in Greenfield in the past.

John continues, ‘I believe everyone can write. It’s like anything, first of all you have to try. Getting started is the most difficult thing in anything. I started writing for my university’s magazine, then the local paper, then BBC Radio. Now I’m involved in a series of books and two feature films. It all comes down to the same thing – what’s the story, what exactly is it about? What I hope to do on this new course is inspire local people to have a go. As I say, we can all write.’

To join the course you must enrol by telephoning 0161 234 0099. The fee for the five week starter course is just £69. Places are strictly limited.

More information via or call 0161 234 0099



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