UntitledGarth Harkness, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Saddleworth North has criticised Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) for their handling of the re-siting of a bus stop in Dobcross.

He contacted TfGM with his concerns five months ago when the bus stop and shelter was moved from its original site in response to safety fears, it was felt to be too close to a bend on Delph New Road. The new location for the bus stop means that, due to limited space, a shelter can not be accommodated.

Councillor Harkness said, “This site is completely inadequate, the old position was set back from the road but where it is now, is far too narrow. It creates a potentially dangerous problem as there is not enough room for people to wait for buses and use the footpath at the same time. As a school governor I know that mothers with prams sometimes have to walk in the road and this is not acceptable. TfGM have already acknowledged that the stop was placed in this position in error and have proposed to move it, up the road, to a safer site.

He added, “ I am very disappointed with the whole process and the lack of updates from TfGM. It seems quite straightforward, a new site has been identified and the stop should be moved as soon as possible. It should not take so long for this problem to be resolved. I can’t understand why what seems a simple error cannot be rectified quickly. The one across the road has been done but this one has not. I hope this is resolved soon.”

A spokesperson for Transport for Greater Manchester said, “Before we install bus stops in a residential area we always consult locally over a 28 day period to give people the opportunity to comment on the proposed location. We apologise to local bus users and residents that due to an initial mistake in siting the bus stop, this process has taken longer than normal on this occasion.

“TfGM wrote to local residents as part of the consultation process for moving this stop again and received no formal objections. The stop will be moved to opposite the gable end of 2 Oakdale Court as soon as possible.”



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