Police close the A62 above Diggle (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Heavy snow falling throughout the night and high winds have caused chaos across Saddleworth. Many roads became impassable and most trans-Pennine routes were closed. One driver travelling from Oldham to Huddersfield said he had spent most of the morning queuing in traffic.

At mid-day on the A62 above Diggle, four miles of traffic queued waiting to cross the Pennines at Standedege. Large snow drifts, stranded cars and a jack-knifed wagon had made it difficult for snow-ploughs to re-open the road.  Many of the drivers in the queue had tried several alternative routes but had found them all closed by snow.

Greater Manchester Police are expecting that most of the roads blocked by snow will be re-opened before the end of the day. Oldham Council, who have ten gritters available for snow clearance, are targeting primary routes across the area.

The Met-Office are not forecasting further snowfall but they are warning that temperatures could reach -1c overnight tonight. Early morning drivers should take care as ice could be a problem.

For a more detailed weather forecast click here.

Standedge Cutting (Photo: Stuart Colman©2012)

Gritter operative clearing roads in Diggle {Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)



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