Wrigley Mill

As many people will already know Wrigley Mill Methodist church closed for religious services in June 2011 and is currently up for sale by the Methodist church. A group of committed Diggle residents (WM:CAG-i.e. Wrigley Mill: community action group) are aiming to buy the mill in order to save a historic chapel from becoming houses, flats or offices. Their vision is to create a thriving community centre which could become the hub of the village life.

The chapel, which was built in 1867 by local Methodists, has been used for both worship and community activities and historically was a vibrant centre of village life.  Members of the action group include a family whose connections with Wrigley Mill go back four generations, village people who worked hard for the church when it was open and others who just want the iconic building to remain an integral part of the community. One of the residents said,

“We would love to put Wrigley Mill back into the heart of the community.”

The group have just completed a survey of all Diggle residents to ask for their views and support. There is overwhelming support to save Wrigley Mill and have it back on the map for the community. Although WM:CAG are fully aware of the immense effort involved they are going all out to raise the necessary funds to buy and refurbish the old chapel. At a fund raising coffee morning they asked for ideas from residents as to what they would like to see at a revived community centre. Lots of fantastic concepts were put forward from a cafe to a badminton court and from a community shop to a climbing wall! There is no shortage of creative ideas.

The group are asking, cajoling, pleading and persuading residents of Diggle (or anyone who is sympathetic to the cause) to offer whatever support they can give now and in the future. They also need people with specialist skills such as architects, builders, electricians, surveyors, interior designers etc. In addition to these they also need anyone who has experience in a similar enterprise and would like to offer practical help or advice. Any donations from private individuals or local businesses would be very gratefully received.

Contact: The Diggle Community Association at: dcachairman@googlemail.com or http://www.digglevillage.org.uk/



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