Gritter operative clearing roads in Diggle {Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Gritter operative clearing roads in Diggle {Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Saddleworth Parish Council is continuing discussions with the Borough Council to improve the gritting and snow clearing arrangements in Saddleworth at times of severe weather conditions.  It is the Parish Council’s view that the treatment of main roads and bus routes is good, but that some fresh ideas are needed to improve conditions on side roads and pedestrian areas and to look after the welfare of vulnerable people at these times.

Many volunteers already help in areas close to where they live and the Parish Council is now looking to help co ordinate activity and provide support where it is needed.  For the last three winters there have been 30 hand propelled gritting machines placed throughout Saddleworth and operated by volunteers to good effect.  Other possibilities are now being explored whereby volunteers can make a real difference within their communities by supplementing the work of the Borough Council in ensuring side roads and footpaths are gritted and kept clear of snow.  A co-ordinated effort to ensure the welfare of vulnerable people should also be another important objective.

The Parish Council now plans to put in place a scheme that will support local voluntary activities and co-ordinate these with the Borough Council’s snow clearance and gritting teams.

Anyone wishing to participate in the scheme, either as a community co-ordinator, helper with snow clearing or gritting, or as a visitor for elderly or vulnerable people, or would like further information please contact Tony Marlor, Clerk of the Council, at the Civic Hall, Lee Street, Uppermill by phone: 01457 876665 or e-mail:



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