Diggle Hotel (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Good locally brewed beer, tasty locally sourced food and an excellent view are some of the ingredients found in a favourite pub but where do locals go in Saddleworth and the South Pennines?

Everyone has a favourite pub and locals are being asked for their recommendations to help share the joy and spread the word.

Boosting the local economy and encouraging visitors to keep returning to the area are the main aims of the local distinctiveness project, managed by rural regeneration company Pennine Prospects. Established to discover and celebrate the essential details of the South Pennines the project has already identified breweries and beer as key elements of the area’s appeal to visitors and now project coordinator, Rebecca Yorke, is on a mission to discover locals’ favourite pubs.

“Today’s visitors want recommendations,” explained Rebecca. “They want to go to the pubs that locals like, pubs where they can drink beer from a local brewery or eat food made by local producers.  Inside knowledge is of huge value to visitors and yet we don’t always tell others about the people and places that are part of our everyday life.”

Many recommendations, including The Stubbing Wharf in Hebden Bridge, The Commercial Inn in Slaithwaite and The Railway in Greenfield, have already been made via the project’s website, www.southpennines.co.uk but Rebecca knows there are many more pubs which celebrate all the area has to offer.

“If you know a pub with a great location, locally brewed beer, locally sourced food or good entertainment, then tell us so that we can tell others,” Rebecca added.

The project is also willing to work with pubs that need help linking with other local businesses, such as food producers and accommodation providers.

Recommendations can be posted at www.southpennines.co.uk/pubs or tweeted to @southpennines.



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