Wrigley Mill, Diggle

from the members of WM:CAG

We have had an unprecedented response from the community in relation to the Wrigley Mill survey about the sale of the building and what the community would like to see happen to Wrigley Mill.  We would like to advise that we have placed a bid on behalf of the Wrigley Mill Community Action Group for the building.

Our bid was not the preferred one but we are trying to continue our discussions with the Methodist circuit.

Unfortunately, we have been given no further information at the moment.  This bid and maybe other bids from other sources, are still being discussed with Breakey and Nuttall and the Methodist Circuit.

We will post any updated information on www.digglevillage.org.uk and www.diggle-news.com/wp

Thank you for your support!

Wrigley Mill: Community Action Group

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