Uppermill Memorial

Oldham Council failed to finish work on the war memorial in Uppermill in time for the Remembrance Day service.

Improvement work is currently being carried out at many of Saddleworth’s war memorial sites after Oldham Council approved £50,000 for the improvement of sites across the borough.

Although these improvements have been welcomed the timing, so close to Remembrance Day, meant that work on the memorial in Uppermill was not completed in time for the service.

Parish Councillor Ken Hulme said that the condition the monument was left in was not appropriate for the service.

Councillor Hulme said:  ‘I was shocked at the state we found the war memorial in. I thought at first vandals had been at it and then I found out Oldham Council workers were responsible. The inscriptions and their surroundings had been smeared with black paint presumably as the first stage to highlighting the wording of the inscriptions. Unfortunately the work had not been finished in time for the November 11th ceremony, which was attended by scores of local residents. It was an insult to the British Legion members present and Oldham Council should make a full apology to all of us who attended the ceremony for their failure to have the memorial ready and in a fit state for the service. ‘

More information regarding memorial improvements in Oldham can be found here.



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