On the 4th April 2016 Unity Partnership will be carrying out maintenance work on a highway retaining structure on the A670 Standedge Road, Diggle near to the junction of A62 Hudderfield Road. This structure has recently partially collapsed and is in a precarious state. While it does not affect the A670 directly, it does affect an old ‘turnpike’ access which is considered to be part of the adopted public highway. It also directly affects access to Ackers Farm just off the A670.

A permanent solution to repair this retaining structure is currently being designed. However, in order to facilitate the main retaining wall works and to ensure that the residents of Ackers Farm have full access to their property in the event of further collapse, a temporary access road is to be constructed as shown on the attached plans. This temporary access will link the existing private driveway to the A670 and negate the necessity to use the existing ‘turnpike’. The temporary access road will remain in-situ until such time as the retaining wall repairs have been fully completed, whereupon it will be removed and the ‘turnpike’ access recommissioned.

The Works are scheduled to commence on Monday, 4th April 2016 and should take approximately three weeks. Two-way temporary traffic signals will operate on the A670 along with a pedestrian diversion to ensure the safety of public while the Works are being constructed.

If you require any further information, please visit: Unity Partnership

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