Rushcart Festival, Church Rd, Uppermill (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2014)

A major sewer upgrade is set to take place later this year in June on Church Road in Uppermill. Although this necessary work has to take place to alleviate flooding in the area, it is expected to cause major problems for people moving around Uppermill and surrounding areas.

The work will start in early June 2014 and will continue until August 2014.

The main area affected is New Street/Church Road between Bolton’s Yard and Brook Avenue. There will be temporary signals and diversions affecting Church Road, Running Hill Gate, Running Hill Lane, Ward Lane, Huddersfield Road, Wool Road and High Street.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said, “On Church Road, the sewers are struggling to cope with the demand being put on them particularly during heavy periods of rainfall, resulting in sewer flooding to some properties. We intend, with this sewer upgrade, to alleviate this problem and are aiming to get the work completed as quickly as possible.’

Several residents, attending a presentation made by United Utilities last September, voiced concerns about access to sites beyond the closure.  They pointed out that once Church Road is closed, it will not be possible to reach the area beyond the closure by car, without following lengthy diversions, over narrow lanes, via Ward Lane in Diggle and Kinders Lane in Greenfield.

Saddleworth events taking place in and around this time may be affected by the closure.

For more information visit Oldham Council at http://www.oldham.gov.uk/directory_record/15659/new_streetchurch_road_uppermill or call United Utilities on 0845 746 2200



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