image2It’s International Art Week (otherwise known as Journee de Peinture) here in Saddleworth, from Saturday June 20th to June 27th 2015 .

Up to 30 accomplished international artists will be arriving from America, Germany, France and Switzerland in order to paint alongside local artists here in Saddleworth and surrounding areas. Our local art group, the Saddleworth Group of Artists, will be supporting the visitors with all their needs, leaving them free to paint.

This event has happened every four years since 2002 (now every five years, as artists from Germany have recently become involved). Each of the other countries is visited in turn with the artists always receiving a wonderful reception, along with involvement from local dignitaries and press. Local people here, have always been eager to host our international guests and many lasting friendships have been formed. We are hoping for extensive media coverage of the event.

Perceived barriers of language, age difference and experience soon disappear during the week as friendships bond and camaraderie builds up. Artists’ anxieties about their abilities to paint quickly alongside others, deal with the differences of terrain and light in a different country and the worry that ‘everyone will be better than me’, all have to be overcome. By the second day of painting these concerns have dissolved as assumptions of competition between artists are blown away and friendships develop. It’s a great experience for all involved.

The event follows a simple formula that has worked for over 19 years in 9 different locations around the world. Every day, the artists go out on location to paint. That evening, the paintings will be displayed, by the artists in the Museum, Uppermill, ready for the public to view the following day.

How you can help:-

We need-

– Offers of B and B accommodation for visitors
– Transport and drivers (airport runs and delivery of artists to and from painting venues)
– Wet weather painting facilities with views (gazebos, garages, etc)
– Welcome gifts for the visitors (many local businesses have already made very generous offers)

If you are able to help or donate in some way, please contact Jean Fenton or Cliff Moorhouse for more details on 01457875718 Cliff’s email:-

If you would like to watch the artists at work, the painting venues will be posted at the Saddleworth Museum each day.

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