Saddleworth players next production The Handyman 2-9th April

Holocaust Did-He-Do-It in Delph

Cressida and Julian Field live comfortably in the English countryside with their elderly Ukrainian odd-job man and friend of the family, Romka. Suddenly the police arrive. What has Romka done? Is he guilty? Is there a time limit on revenge and punishment?

The Handyman by Ronald Harwood is a play with two themes: a real did-he-do-it? drama, but also one that ponders the question of guilt and retribution for acts committed during the Second World War, exploring the questions of culpability, retribution. universal responsibility and the possibility of evil.

The accused is Romka Kozachenko (played by Ian Perks), an elderly Ukrainian odd-job man who, since coming to England in 1947, has lived as the employee and dear friend of a family of well-heeled Sussex Catholics. Cressida (Clare Bennett) and Julian (played by John Hoyle – and Hugh Bonneville in the original play), have their world torn apart by the arrival of the war-crimes squad (played by John Tanner and Stephen Hendren).

Steve Bennett (creative director at Shaw’s Playhouse 2) returns to direct at Saddleworth Players for the first time since 2008, where he will stretch the cast and crew in a great play.

The Handyman’ is performed by Saddleworth Players at Millgate Arts Centre in Delph from 2nd April til 9th April.

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