At the Saddleworth Parish Council meeting held on 22nd January 2018 councillors agreed a 2% increase in the precept for 2018/19. This, for eaxample, equates to an increase of 36p/year for a Band D property bringing the total precept to £20.76 for the year (40p a week).

Although the Parish Council has made significant budget cuts and increased its income targets for 2018/19 it has been unable to totally offset the further reduction in funding of £10,000 by Oldham Council, who are continuing to implement their decision, made last year, to withdraw the Council Tax Support Grant from the Parish Council. The council says that, “If we are to maintain our current level of service the shortfall of £3,500 has to be met by increasing the precept.”

The total reduction in Council Tax Support Grant in 2017/18 and 2018/19 is £16,000, or 40.52% over the two years. With a further £10,000 reduction expected in 2019/20. The Parish Council will continue to press for the decision to further reduce the Council Tax Support Grant to be reversed as this funding is vital to allow for the provision of services such as footpath clearances, litter picking, etc. Services previously provided by Oldham Council but withdrawn as part of their own budget savings.

Despite the reductions in funding Saddleworth Parish Council says it is determined to continue delivering high quality, value for money services to the people of Saddleworth, protecting our environment, villages, businesses and heritage.



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