PCSO Monica SevilleJUNE 2013 update

CRIME Jan Feb March April May June
Burglary (Of homes) 1 3 0 3 1 4
Burglary Other(Shed, Garage, Business) 3 4 0 2 3 6
Theft from a Vehicle 4 1 5 1 3 2
Theft from a Motor Vehicle 1 0 2 1 0 1
Criminal Damage 2 3 3 5 2 3
Robbery 0 0 0 0 0 0











Burglary Dwelling

Two burglaries on Denshaw Road, Delph. Both of these burglaries have the same MO whereby the offenders smashed a glass door panel at the rear of the property. Having gained access, they made an untidy search and stole several items.

Burglary on Delph New Road. A ground floor bedroom window was prised open and an untidy search was conducted. A number of items were removed.  A shed in the rear garden was also broken into and numerous items, including a foldaway bike, were removed.

Clydesdale Rise, Diggle. Offender knocked on the front door of the property and was observed by the next door neighbour.  He made his way to the rear of the house via an insecure gate. He smashed two ground floor conservatory door windows and then using a foot or bodily pressure forced entry into the property. A neighbour’s dog alerted its owner. He pursued the offender who escaped over the rear the garden fence onto Sam Road. The offender made off in a dark vehicle.

Burglary Other

Sandy Lane, Dobcross Offender/s approached a secure detached garage and forced a sliding bolt. Items were taken from the garage.

Crib Fold, Dobcross Offender entered the garden and forced a padlock on the shed, Items were removed.

Dobcross Band Club Offenders broke through a ground floor cellar door causing the alarm to sound. They attempted, unsuccessfully, to break into the safe.

Huddersfield Road, Austerlands Entry was gained via the front door. The property was searched but nothing was taken.

Thorpe Lane, Austerlands Offenders entered the yard adjacent to the property, made their way round to an area which was not covered by the security system. They gained access to the property and several items were taken.

Two Acre Lane, Moorside Offender/s entered the farm yard area and smashed a front door lock off with an unknown implement. Several items were taken from the property.

Vehicle crime (Theft from A Vehicle)

Rochdale Road, Denshaw Unknown offender(s) removed four alloy wheels from a vehicle and replaced them with steel rims.

Huddersfield Road, Diggle Unknown offenders removed both near and offside wing mirrors from a vehicle.

Vehicle crime  (Theft of a Motor Vehicle / vehicle interference)

Millgate, Delph  A car thief was disturbed trying to break into a car on the Millgate car park. He fled the scene.

Criminal Damage

Church Street, Delph – Paint was applied to the tyres of a vehicle

Oakdale Court, Delph – Various plants were taken from the garden.

Wool Road, Dobcross – Horse manure was put into the petrol tank of a farm vehicle.



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