A car equipped with CCTV is being used to monitor parking and driving, outside schools, at the start and end of the school day.

The car is part of a Local Authority move to cut accident rates by stopping vehicles from parking on keep clear signs, zig zag markings, footpaths and other illegal places that create ‘danger spots’ for young people and other pedestrians.

Since November the car has been patrolling school sites and enforcement officers have been issuing warning notices to drivers they see illegally parked.

The Council has agreed a rolling programme of term-time enforcement with local schools which will focus on school entrance markings at peak times. When the vehicle is not in use during school start and finish times, it will be deployed in other areas affected by problem parking.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Cabinet Member for Housing, Transport and Planning, said: “Many local schools and residents suffer from the behaviour of thoughtless drivers who opt to use restricted zones when dropping off and collecting children. Zig zag lines are outside our schools for a good reason, they’re there to keep pupils safe by creating a sight line that enables them to see and be seen before crossing the road.

“The majority of drivers do take notice of these markings and behave responsibly – but there is also a selfish minority who ignore these restrictions for their own convenience and just to save what amounts to seconds of their time. Vehicles parked in restricted areas can hide children trying to cross the road, potentially putting them in danger. If you’re parked responsibly and not breaking the rules then you have nothing to worry about. But if you are, we will take direct action to potentially save lives.”

The School Safety Car is part of a Borough-wide initiative, launched in June, designed to raise awareness of the serious problems that obstructive parking and congestion are causing on a daily basis.



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