There has been an outcry from Saddleworth Parish Councillors following the announcement that the frequency of buses servicing Saddleworth, the 180 and the 184, is to be reduced from 28th October 2013.

Lib-Dem Councillor, John McCann said, “We are becoming the outback, how can a poor service be reduced anymore? I note there has not been any consultation with local councillors or the parish. It is a disgrace with Diggle having only one bus an hour.”

Proposed changes:

Service 180 to Greenfield will reduce to once an hour during Monday to Saturday daytime

Service 184 will reduce from every 15 minutes from Manchester to Uppermill to every 20 minutes, with one bus an hour extending to Dobcross, and one bus an hour extending to Huddersfield via Diggle.

The service to Grotton will be increased from every 10 minutes to every 7.5 minutes. These changes affect Monday to Saturday Daytime services

Service 81A This service will be extended from Waterhead to Holts Estate via Stamford Road Lees Village and Lees New Road. It runs every 20 minutes.

Service 415  This service will be withdrawn between Oldham and Holts Estate

Service 350  This service will be diverted to serve Greenacres Road instead of Huddersfield Road

Service 64  This service will be reduced fron every 30 minutes to every hour between Middleton and Oldham via Royton

The changes will take effect from 28 October 2013.

The local link service to Denshaw will continue after April 2013.

Parish Councillor, Garth Harkness added, “This reduction to the public transport network is very disappointing. The borough only has one train service an hour. The metro is a bonus to the borough but people have to get to it and the bus is a way to do that.

“In Saddleworth, like other areas, many people rely on the bus to get about. The current service should be increased, not reduced. There is only one bus service to link with Yorkshire. Travellers in Saddleworth, Diggle and Dobcross will, following the changes, only be served once every hour. Also, uncoordinated timetabling means that bus times will not sync with trains times at Greenfield station?

“We should encourage people to be green by using public transport and also ensure that those who rely on it, get a decent service. We will see areas become more isolated following these reductions. This is far from adequate. I hope that the bus operator reconsiders and that Traffic for Greater Manchester works with them to try and ensure that an adequate service is provided to Saddleworth and indeed the rest of the borough.”



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