saddleworth schoolThe statutory consultation period for the proposed new Saddleworth School ends on the 31st January 2016. If you have an opinion or view, for or against the project, you must get your letters in before the deadline for them to be taken into considerederation by Oldham Council.

The public consultation examines four planning applications which together make up the Saddleworth School project.

These are:

  • PA/337301/15: Construction of a new Saddleworth School (for ages 11 to 16) with associated sports fields and pitches, external recreation and teaching space together with parking landscaping and associated works.
  • PA/337931/15: Demolition of 5 no. buildings.
  • LB/337929/15: Demolition of the link bridge connected to the listed office building.
  • PA/337930/15: New car park drop-off facility, residents’ parking area and associated highway works.

It is important to note that previous objections submitted under PA/337301/15 as part of the 1st public consultation WILL NOT apply to the three new planning applications.
If you have commented previously and you want to ensure that your voice is heard then the only way to do this is to submit further comments to the other three planning applications. (Two for the demolition and one for the highway works.)

A special meeting of the Oldham Council Planning Committee will be held just to decide these applications on Thursday 25th February 2016 at 6.00pm. The public are welcome to attend and observe proceedings.

The statutory consultation date has been extended to the 31st January 2016 and Oldham Planning Department have said that objections can be sent in up to the 24th February 2016.

The Planning Officer will produce his report and recommendation to the Planning Committee about two weeks before the committee date, so to be sure that your objections are taken into account by the Planning Officer they will need to be received by 10th February 2016.

Letters should be sent to:

or OMBC Planning, Planning Team, Oldham Council, Civic Centre, PO Box 30, West Street, Oldham OL1 1UQ

Further information is available at:

Template objection letters are available at:

A public meeting to discuss Saddleworth School
 has been arranged at the Civic Centre, Lee Street, Uppermill on
Tuesday 2nd February 2016 at 7.00pm

Saddleworth Parish Council has announced a Special Extraordinary Public Meeting for the 2nd February 2016 at 7.00pm, to discuss the Saddleworth School Planning Applications.

Mr Stephen Irvine, OMBC Head of Planning & Infrastructure, will give a presentation and then will open the meeting for public questions.

For anyone interested in the outcome of this project, this will be a chance to directly get your views across in person, to a senior member of OMBC. Stephen Irvine wants to hear your views before the plans go for determination at Oldham Council’s Special Planning Committee meeting on the 25th February 2016. See Diggle News 

For or against the project, it’s a real opportunity to get your voice heard.

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