Hugh McDonald

Councillor Hugh McDonald

Following recent reports that Oldham Council are faced with a deadline regarding the location of a new Saddleworth school (see below) it would appear that Sadddleworth Parish Council were mis-informed and there is not a five week deadline to find a new site.

Councillor Hugh McDonald, Cabinet Member for Education and Safeguarding, said, “It’s important that we make it crystal clear here that there is no immediate deadline looming in regard to securing a site for a new Saddleworth School.

“The Government has committed to starting work on a new school in late 2015. Oldham Council is currently doing everything that it can to work with them to hopefully bring that timetable forward.

“I’ve asked local councillors to lobby their MPs and Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, and for residents to do the same to this effect.

“Oldham Council is still looking at all the viable site options. Once this is done we will be in a position to discuss this closely with the school, other local partners and the public.

“We’re totally committed to securing a new Saddleworth School as quickly as possible. We’re also determined to do whatever we can to secure any possible additional capital funding for those schools who missed out on the BSF Programme, or where there is a basic need for better provision.”



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