Oldham Council is pursuing plans to bring back a popular annual family event in the Borough. The Local Authority is looking to work alongside partner organisations and community groups to potentially revive the annual ‘Bonfire and Fireworks’ event in November 2012.

Discussions are at an early stage but the vision is to deliver a ‘feel good’ family-oriented event for the public to enjoy around Guy Fawkes Night. This could feature the traditional bonfire and fireworks display and potentially an array of food stalls plus funfair rides and fun activities.

Jim McMahon, Oldham Council Leader, said: “We’re keen to look at reviving this event because we believe it could be a really good thing for the Borough. The bonfire event at Alexandra Park organised by the Round Table used to be hugely popular in the past. It attracted big family crowds, up to 10,000 people, all enjoying a great community event in what was also a safe and controlled environment.

“This is an aspiration at this stage and we next need to talk to interested parties and identify potential venues. We also want to gauge what public appetite there is for this event to return. We’re prepared to do our bit as a Council to look at reinstating this because – just as with the return of the Oldham Beer Festival – we believe this could be a key event that forms a regular part of the annual calendar of activities on offer to local people.

“We do not want to speculate on potential sites just yet but public safety and access will, of course, be key considerations to enable the return of what could be a really positive community occasion. It would clearly also potentially be better for the Fire Service to have lots of people attending one big event rather than need to be ready to respond to dozens of smaller – and potentially less safe – bonfires across the Borough at the same time.”

Anyone with suggestions or ideas about this proposal can email Councillor Jim McMahon direct atleadersoffice@oldham.gov.uk



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