Monthly crime figures provided by Greater Manchester Policemonthly crime figures

Burglary Dwelling

Oldham Road, Delph – Offenders entered the dwelling via an insecure front door and stole items from within. They were disturbed by the home owner and abandoned the stolen items on the front lawn.

Station Approach, Delph – Offenders opened an insecure front door stealing property from the hallway. They fled unseen.

Standedge Road , Diggle – Offenders entered the rear garden of the property and using a garden chair to stand on, prised open a ground floor kitchen window. They stole a handbag and fled unseen.

Stoneswood Road, Delph – Offender used a garden fork, taken from secure shed, to force open a rear ground floor window. After being disturbed by the home owner, he/she fled in the direction of Delph centre.

Burglary Other

Delph Allotments Holland Close, Delph – Offenders forced the door on a wooden shed and stole several items from within.

Delph Allotments, Gartside Street, Delph – Offender damaged the lock on a shed but failed to gain access.

Rochdale Road, Denshaw – Offenders used a screw driver type implement on a rear wooden door of a public house in an attempt to gain access. He/she fled after being disturbed by the licensee.

Vehicle crime – Theft from a motor vehicle and vehicle interference

Huddersfield Road, Austerlands – Drill driver stolen from a vehicle . Offender fled in a vehicle down Huddersfield Road.

Thorpe Close, Austerlands – Offender smashed the front near side door window of vehicle. A sat-nav and tools were stolen.

Thorpe Lane, Austerlands – Offenders entered an insecure vehicle via the front door and stole several items.

Sugar Lane, Dobcross – Offenders gained access to a secure vehicle and stolen property from within.

Gateshead Croft, Delph – Offenders smashed the nearside window of a vehicle and removed a sat-nav from the glove compartment.

Oldham Road, Delph – Three offenders used a wooden log to smash the passenger side window of a vehicle activating the alarm. The glove box was searched but no property was stolen

Station Approach, Delph – Offender stole property from an insecure vehicle.

Criminal Damage

Station Approach, Delph – Damage to the rear window of motor vehicle.

Millgate car Park, Millgate, Delph – Damage to a lock on a van. The offender was found asleep in the rear of the van by the owner and ejected. The offender claimed to be homeless and fled through the rear of the car park.

Bus shelter,Oldham Road,Delph – Damage was caused to the glass of the bus shelter.

Other Thefts

Oldham Road, Denshaw – Offenders entered an insecure yard at the front of the premises and stole several items using fabricated steel tools.

Friarmere, Delph – Victim placed a parcel on the roof of his vehicle and returned to his house forgetting to take it with him. When he returned, a few hours later, the parcel had gone.

Warth Mill, Diggle – Offenders stole slate from a derelict outbuilding roof.

Be aware that theft from motor vehicles is still a problem in the area and please take all appropriate measures to stop yourself becoming the next victim.

If you have any information regarding the above, please contact PCSO Monica Seville, PCSO Kath Crompton or PC 09098 Mark Clough at or call on 0161 856 8825

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