Alpha Stock Images - link to - Council is encouraging residents to ensure they’re registered to vote ahead of the local elections in May.

The town will go to the polls on May 3 when one seat will be contested in each ward.

Voters will not be able to vote if they are not registered so, Oldham Council is urging people to exercise their democratic rights by registering to vote early.

The Returning officer and Council Chief Executive, Dr Carolyn Wilkins OBE, said: “Democracy is important on many levels from the EU referendum and general elections to those issues addressed at a local level from roads and bins to schools and libraries. These issues are very important but often the things that have the most direct on people’s lives are at a local level which is why it’s so important to participate in local elections. That’s why we’re urging people to ensure they’re registered and have their say.”

A social media campaign is also underway to ensure residents don’t forget to register.

To register to vote, simply visit and to register for a postal vote, visit

A final list of candidates for the local elections will be issued on April 9.



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