For timetable changes and background information on this letter see below: Saddleworth affected by a reduction in bus services

It is of concern that  the Traffic commissioners have to support the changes to Saddleworth bus services if they have been advertised in the proper way, which they probably have, even the Traffic Commissioners are powerless to do other than approve them.

You will see they are quite significant as far as Saddleworth is concerned.  Only one bus to Greenfield and Diggle per hour.  The second bus coming to Diggle will turn at Dobcross although, at this stage, we do not know where. It may be at the Navigation turning circle or Dobcross village itself.  The latter would prove almost impossible so it is fair to assume it is the former.  It is also probable there will be no buses going down Sam Road to the turning circle and it remains to be seen whether any thought will be given to linking the bus with the train to Manchester.

Most of us probably don’t use the bus but we have to bear in mind we might just have to and there are many others who use it regularly even if it is just a trip to Uppermill.  Without being pejorative it is the vulnerable who will suffer the most.

It is important we oppose these proposals with as much vehemence as possible.  Please alert those who do not have a computer who are bus users and we all need to write to Beverley Bell, Suite 4, Steve Cross Place, Steve Cross Lane, Golbourne, Warrington, WA3 2SH.   Tel. 0300 123 9000  E Mail:  We need to bear in mind the proposed changes are to satisfy the commercial economic needs of the company and although you are being invited to object, at the end of the day First Bus will be the ones making the decision and they are not bound by any legislation which compels them to listen to what residents are saying.

I have sent this letter to Diggle village contacts; Parish Councillors and Chairs of the Village Residents’ Associations.

Royce Franklin

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