Jo Taylor (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2013)

Jo Taylor (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2013)

Jo Taylor, a local Diggle woman, has launched a new website for After Breast Cancer Diagnosis  (ABCD) providing information to help breast cancer patients make informed decisions about their diagnosis and treatment.

Jo, a 6 year breast cancer survivor herself, has designed the website to help steer breast cancer sufferers through the complexity of this difficult illness.

The website provides information on breast reconstructions by an advisor, known as BRA, which explores the pros and cons of different types of reconstruction. This is accompanied by information on how to find surgeons, consultants, hospitals and cancer networks. There is advice on diet, exercise tips, and health information and daily news from the world of breast cancer research and treatment.

The name ABCD and the idea for the website evolved over the last twelve months. Jo said, ‘ I wanted to create a website that would have everything in one place.’

Jo’s idea to help came as a complete ‘eureka’ moment when she was involved in a photo shoot and article for Red Magazine back in September 2009.  Jo was interviewed with three other friends whom she had met through the Breast Cancer Care Younger Women’s Breast Cancer Forum.

Jo is very passionate about the breast cancer message and helping people to make good sound decisions.  She is a true ‘advocate’ for breast cancer and lives and breathes better lifestyle choices for her own health’s sake.

She regularly runs and cycles, and loves to take photos when out and about in Saddleworth, a place she has come to love. She has lived in Diggle for seven years with Jeff, her husband, and their two children, Reagan aged eight and Farron aged six.

Last year in May and September, Jo, with the help of 2 close friends, raised over £1000 for Cancer Research UK and MacMillan charities by running a 10K Race for Life and, cycling a 50 mile memorial charity bike ride. Jo says, ‘It’s amazing what you can achieve after a breast cancer.’

Jo now needs your help. She is building a catalogue of online photographs of reconstructive surgery with details of where and when the surgery took place, and who the consultant was. This information will be confidential and protected, it will be held on the website with a secure login and will be available to subscribers only.

If you have had or someone you know has had reconstruction surgery, Jo would like you to hear from you. She can be contacted via email: : or on Twitter:  @abcdiagnosis



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