Dovestone Reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir

The Saddleworth Community Hydro scheme in Chew Valley, Greenfield is close to realization.

The steering group is now anticipating operational status for the turbine before the end of the year. Everything is in place for work to begin at Dovestone Reservoir, Greenfield; high in the Southern Pennines between Huddersfield and Manchester. All the finances are in order, the chosen 51kw crossflow turbine has been ordered, the water company’s requirements are being satisfied and planning permission has been requested for the turbine house to be constructed.

Turbine House is a rather grand name for a small building (about the size of a domestic garage) to enclose the water-powered turbine generator. It will be adjacent and close to the existing water company buildings, faced with matching ‘weathered’ Ashlar stone and carry a ‘living-green’ roof.

Because the turbine will be powered by the Compensation Water released into the River below (a legal obligation on the water company) this generator will provide a constant supply of electricity (circa 50kw) to the National Grid.

Although it is classed as a medium head micro hydro-electric scheme, there are reasonably high expectations for this innovative project, which may prove capable of producing enough power to meet the needs of 70 + average households. It is believed to be the first of its kind in England and therefore of particular interest to Renewable Energy enthusiasts, Environmentalists and Communities with High Head reservoirs.

This is especially pleasing for those who were dismayed by the antipathy directed at the promoters of Wind Turbines in Saddleworth. When they turned to examine the alternative potential of Water Power, they were initially frustrated by the unsuitability of the local rivers. Undaunted, they then considered the local reservoirs and now, after nearly 5 years of investigating, planning and organising, it is about to become a reality.

For further information contact Keith Begley on 01457 87 4539 or email: delphkeith@gmail .com

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