Heaven knows I’m miserable now by local playwright Colin Smith opens at the Millgate Arts Centre, Delph on the 6th April and runs to the 15th.

Newly rewritten; with a new ending, it follows the plight of (recently deceased) Andy Reardon, a man faced with a dilemma. He has to choose one of his three ex-wives (also deceased) to spend eternity with in the ‘afterlife’. With the combined wisdom of Adolph Hitler and Jesus Christ to help him it’s down to him to make the right choice. As the story unfolds, Andy discovers that his ex-wives may not be like he remembered making choosing between them less than straightforward.

Colin writes: “I’m delighted to say we have a fine cast for our production of this new play which is only my second attempt at writing a play. It provided   a lot of laughs when my family read it for the first time around the table on Christmas day, 2009. We all agreed it was a very funny and an enjoyable romp.”

Since it was written, the play has been a major crowd pleaser. It was an award winner when it was first performed at Oldham’s Lyceum in 2010 and was also a hit at Guide Bridge Theatre in 2012.

For further information and booking details go to the Saddleworth Players website.



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