Fine weather brought hundreds of local people out to witness the annual Diggle Duck Race on Sunday the 15th March.

One thousand bright yellow plastic ducks were released from a builders ‘ton’ bag into Diggle Brook at the bridge near Wharf Mill. The race follows a 200m course downstream through a maelstrom of white water and life threatening obstacles to finish at the bridge on Ward Lane.

With many people in the village having bought and trained their ducks over the winter tension was high as the ducks entered the water. After a period of pushing and jostling for position at the start several elite athletes emerged from the pack. Dodging branches, rocks and a dustbin the leading ducks battled it out for a photo finish on the line. Following a steward’s enquiry, owner and trainer, Dave Ship was awarded the first prize of £50 which was kindly donated by Grandma Green’s Ice Cream.

One spectator said, “The ducks are highly trained racing machines and have completed an extensive training programme over the winter. It’s not surprising they were raring to go and competition was fierce.”

Following the incident at the boat race there were some concerns regarding security but happily the event ran smoothly with no problems.

Prior to the race, local children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. Brian Cliffe from the Diggle Band Contest Committee said, “Children and adults have had a great time and we have managed, thanks to their support, to raise £500 for the Diggle Band Contest.”

For further information about the Diggle Band Contest click here.



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