Wet conditions this year may not have suited many of Diggle’s residents but for some, it’s been a great year.

The toad population looks to have thrived as large numbers have been spotted at several sites in Diggle.

Bufo bufo or common toads can currently be seen migrating to their winter quarters for hibernation and this year, perhaps because of the damp summer, they seem to be particularly numerous.  Local resident, Nick Cox, saw several crossing Harrop Green Lane on Friday evening and noticed that sadly, two that had been squashed.  Nick said, “Toads are particularly vulnerable when crossing roads. Only this morning I found another squashed at the top of Harrop Green Lane.

“Toads tend to move in the evening so, drivers driving through the village after about 8pm, should be extra cautious and drive slowly; they can usually be spotted in a car’s headlights and can be avoided if drivers are watching out for them.  Toads know where they are going, so it’s best not to move them, just let them crawl to wherever they are headed.”

Toads play an important part in Diggle’s ecosystem so please help to protect them.

For further information go to: http://www.arc-trust.org



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