Diggle Band (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2013)

Diggle B Band will help to recreate the sounds and sights of a unique local tradition in a huge parade of arts and culture. They will join local performers this weekend to recreate the world famous Saddleworth and Oldham Whit Friday brass band contests.

Musicians, artists and dancers aim to ‘raise the roof’ when they represent the village, Saddleworth and Oldham in the annual Manchester Day Parade this Sunday 2 June, 2pm.

This year’s parade theme is Wish You Were Here and is a celebration of place, identity and holidays featuring community groups from across Greater Manchester. Diggle B Band will be joined by musicians from three other local brass bands to create a mass band and big sound for this one-off performance. The band will be accompanied by young theatre performers and dancers.  They will perform alongside an extraordinary comedy mobile band club with opening top, created by local artist Mike Green, which will ‘Raise The Roof’ for this year’s parade. Joined together the performance will be a spectacle to make you ‘wish you were here’ in Saddleworth and Oldham.

Manchester Day Parade started in 2010 to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the people and places of Greater Manchester. This highly visual cultural event attracts over 2000 participants, wowing over 50,000 spectators annually. Spokesman David Shipp, Musical Director from Diggle B Band, said, “We are delighted to be taking part in this parade. We can share a flavour of the music and traditions which are large features of the heritage and thriving culture of our village and local communities.  We are a true village band, with local residence and connections, representing the whole community.  Our youngest player is 11, oldest 83.  It is commendable that Oldham Council recognises the special value of these Whit Friday traditions with the organisation and support for this event”.



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