Cherry Hintons

Cherry Hintons

Diggle’s first Diggfest at Diggle Band Club on Saturday 28th September was hugely successful. A fantastic range of music and perfect weather brought in the crowds packing the popular music venue to the rafters.

The festival was in aid of three charities; Springhill Hospice of Rochdale, The National Autistic Society and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Springhill Hospice’s mascot, Springy the Frog. was on hand to officially open the festival and from 3pm till late, it was non-stop music.

Bands taking part were Green Street, The Cherry Hintons, The Non-Skills, Artful Dodgers, Naughty Dog and the Homegrown Effect.  There was something for everyone, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Rock, Indie, Bluegrass, Ska and Reggae. Even BBC Radio Manchester got involved with a couple of, live, high profile slots earlier in the week.

In addition to wall-to-wall music, there were stalls fundraising for charity, a children’s play area and an outside bar and barbeque with local Diggle lamb roast on the menu.

Tom Robinson, One of the organisers from Friends of Diggle Band Club said, “I’d like to thank everyone for making this a great event for the charities, the community and the Band Club.  We were very fortunate with the weather and even though we had competition from other local events it was a fantastic turnout.  Great music and quality bands are always well received by Digglers. Thanks to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing you at our growing music festival next year.’

The event raised over £1000 with each of the charities receiving £350. The Friends of Diggle Band Club have asked that villagers get involved early in nominating three charities for next year’s event. Further details can be found on the Friends of Diggle Band Club website:

In addition to Diggfest, Diggle Band Club hosts a variety of live music events every month. Check out their website for detailed information and booking arrangements.



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