201610_diggle_school_nature-0100Children at Diggle Primary School now have a new exciting space where they can take their lessons outside to learn a host of valuable life skills.

Diggle school which has two acres of green space blending into the local hills, a forest area, a wide range of outdoor equipment and around twenty chickens has now added a range of ‘Forest Equipment’, funded by the National Lottery.

The new resources not only benefit the school’s pupils but also the local nursery. Children are able201610_diggle_school_nature-0166 to watch wildlife in purpose built hides, tell stories around a firepit, build dens, climb across a rope bridge and learn outdoors in an all-weather classroom.

Diggle School’s successful bid to the National Lottery Fund will be used to benefit the community and raise awareness, understanding, of nature and the natural environment.

On Friday October 21st pupils showed off their new facilities at a special forest fun event 201610_diggle_school_nature-0144by spending part of their day learning outside. They used natural materials to create artwork, build dens and problem solve.

Mrs. Sarah Newton, Diggle School headteacher, said, “We are blessed with a stunning location on the edge of open countryside and – regardless of whether it sunny or snowing – our children can now always go outside.

“They love their local environment and these new facilities are making our outdoor learning more exciting, fun and vibrant. Instead of being limited to pictures in books and websites, they can now put on their wellies, go into nature and experience real animals and habitats for themselves.

“The new facilities enhance this even further and are 201610_diggle_school_nature-0127helping even the youngest children to learn about the value of teamwork. Shared experiences build vital skills such as resilience and responsibility, skills which we feel are of immense value for both school and community.

201610_diggle_school_nature-0170“We would like to thank Ground Design UK for doing a great job and the Big Lottery Fund for donating £10,000. Their generosity will have a major impact on learning for our current and future pupils.”

Diggle School is rated ‘Good’ by OFSTED and has 190 pupils aged four to eleven. The new facilities will also be used by the Diggle Dandelions children’s nursery.201610_diggle_school_nature-0130201610_diggle_school_nature-0161201610_diggle_school_nature-0124





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