Jubilee celebrations at Diggle Band Club (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2009-2012)

The future for Diggle Band Club looks bleak as numbers using the building decline.

Committee member, Kirsty Jones, said, “Diggle Band Club is really struggling and we would like to appeal to residents, groups and local people for help.

“Due to essential maintenance and repairs over the last few years and the current running costs, the club’s financial situation is looking extremely dire.

“Unless we can encourage people to use the club for social and community functions such as; birthday parties, Christenings, weddings, group meetings etc., I fear it will close. This would be heart-breaking considering the club’s prominent role in Diggle’s history. It has served the village for over 120 years.”

If you feel you can help or you would like to join or support the Diggle Band Club Committee please contact: KIRSTYSJONES5@hotmail.com



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