Picture004Liberal Democrat councillors for Saddleworth North are offering community associations a payment of £500 if they make residents, in the areas they represent, members of their associations.

Councillors Garth Harkness, Derek Heffernan and Alan Roughley are looking to improve the role of community in the local decision making process.

Councillor Alan Roughley said, “The purpose of the Localism Act is to pass down decision making to local people. Communities that are unable to come together and voice their opinions will risk losing out so, to counter this, we want to encourage the development of strong, active, community groups.  This is why we have offered this payment. With this support, community groups and their elected members can more effectively work together to improve the areas they represent. ”

The three councillors have offered a payment of £500 to each community group in their ward with the condition that everyone they represent becomes a member with no membership fee. Dobcross, Delph, Denshaw and Diggle groups have all accepted this offer.

Cllr Garth Harkness said, “We are delighted by the response from the community groups and that everyone who lives in each of the villages is now a member of a community group. We want to encourage people who may have been put off getting involved before to do so now.  Community groups should not be political platforms but a place to work together. We look forward to working with each of our groups. “

If you would like to find out more about your local community association go to:



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