Oldham Council is hosting a special lecture about the role local people can play in changing their neighbourhoods for the better.

The Local Authority is looking to stimulate debate about the changing face of local public services and this inaugural ‘20:20 lecture’, ‘ChangeMakers’, will look at how residents can successfully drive positive change within their own communities.

The keynote speaker at this free public event on Tuesday, June 12 is Matthew Taylor. A former chief adviser on political strategy to Tony Blair during his time at Downing Street, he was associated with several key initiatives designed to engage the public with the political process.

Matthew has been Chief Executive of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) since 2006. In Oldham he will be talking about the RSA’s recently-published research paper ‘ChangeMakers’ which takes a new approach to identifying and mobilising people in their neighbourhoods to work to improve their communities.

Jim McMahon, Oldham Council Leader, will introduce and co-chair this event at the Regional Science Centre Oldham, which will also see an audience-led debate on the issues raised. Councillor McMahon said, “We’re delighted that someone of Matthew Taylor’s stature has agreed to speak at this event and it’ll be a great opportunity to hear a nationally-recognised speaker on your doorstep.”

“In the modern age everyone is a potential changemaker in their local communities. This lecture and debate will look at who those people are and what they can achieve. Oldham Council’s ambition is to build a Co-operative Borough – one where everyone contributes to, and everyone benefits from, the life of the community. That means the Local Authority proactively working alongside residents, local businesses and the third sector to improve your areas, encourage investment, improve education and opportunities, and make this a place where people work together to make Oldham better.”

“It should be fascinating to hear from Matthew Taylor about the RSA’s research and – crucially – to debate what that means for the challenges and opportunities facing our own Borough.”

The ‘ChangeMakers’ event will be held at the Regional Science Centre Oldham, Union Street West, OLX 18U, between 6 and 8pm on June 12.

This free event is open to the public and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. You can apply by sending an email to: leanne.wakefield@oldham.gov.uk

Refreshments will also be provided and free parking is available at the Oldham Sixth Form College car park nearby, accessed via Connaught Street/Cavendish Street.

For more information about the RSA visit  www.thersa.org

The ‘ChangeMakers’ report can also be downloaded from: www.thersa.org/projects/citizen-power/changemakers



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