Bridgeworks, Carr Lane, Diggle (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Following considerable investigations and discussions over the last few months the bridgeworks on Carr Lane, Diggle have recommenced and the road should be reopened in April 2012.

Work on strengthening 200 metres of retaining wall and the replacement of the bridge started in February 2011 and was only expected to last 35 weeks but issues with the weather and piling works have resulted in a six month delay.

A resident of Carr Lane claims that the project has been mismanaged from start to finish. Her relative, who also lives on Carr lane, has to use public transport daily to get to work as she does not drive. Pushing her small baby in a pram she was expected, whilst work on the bridge was taking place,  to take a 10 minute detour to reach her home. She said that road closures can cause real hardship, in some cases, but this aspect is rarely considered by those who oversee these projects.

Unity Partnership, who is overseeing the work, has now received a detailed programme to completion from the contractor (DCT Civil Engineering) for the bridgeworks and all minor associated remaining retaining wall works. This programme also includes the resurfacing of Carr Lane across the bridge and adjacent to the length of the retaining wall works thus effectively completing a complete refurbishment of the lane over that length. As the lane is so narrow the lane cannot safely be opened until virtually all works (on the wall and bridge) are complete.

The current programme shows the lane being able to be opened around the second week in April, but Unity Partnership are working with the contractor to try to shorten this if at all possible. They are endeavouring to get things opened by the end of March.



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