Diggle Primary School Reporter

Diggle Primary School Reporter

by Diggle Primary School’s junior reporters

Going back to school is daunting at the best of times but after six weeks of holidays, playing and beautiful weather, it can be particularly challenging.

Class five’s junior reporters Lottie Refearn, Abigail Sandiford, Henry Rutter, Jacob Wakefield, Katherine Worral and Carys writing for Diggle News, decided to look at what pupils, staff and parents think about as they prepare to start a new academic year.

Lottie and Abigail asked the Reception class, some of the youngest children in school, about the things they most look forward to. They were surprised to discover it is school dinners, they really like them. They have a few favourites but top of the list is fish fingers and beans, and chicken and gravy.

Nearly all Reception children said that playing with their friends in the playground is their number one activity. Their favourite places are the sandpit and the washing up area.

Quite a few Reception children said they enjoy wearing school uniform and particularly like the colours in the new school tie.

Henry and Jacob asked Class 3 about the things they thought about before they joined their new class. Thomas said, ‘It felt a little bit scary, but I had got a little bit used to it when we had our trial day.’ Henry asked Thomas what he thought about before joining the juniors, he said, ‘I’m a little bit scared about doing harder work and I’m worried about doing the school play at the end of the year.’

Jacob asked Thomas about his new teacher. He said, ‘She is really nice but makes me do more work than I’m used to. She is really helpful and is good at getting pupils into higher groups. I’d like to do better in phonics and writing this year but I’m a bit worried about writing.’

Thomas thinks the new uniform is really good and he particularly likes wearing a real tie even if fastening it is a bit of a challenge.

Katherine and Carys asked Year 6 pupils to share their thoughts on homework. Most said it was challenging but helped them understand the work they are doing in class better. Year 6 pupil Hannah said, ‘I have to try and do my homework straight away. If I leave it, it builds up and I’m left with too much to do. I’m worried about SATS and really want to get a good result. I always try my hardest and want to be more confident.’

Carys asked Mrs Stone, Year 6 teacher, who has just returned from maternity leave, what do you think about at the start of the year. She said, ‘I think about how I will organise my classroom and group the children. I look at how I can best help the children to manage their lessons. I want all the children to do well before they move on to secondary school.’ Abigail asked about her hopes for the new year. Mrs Stone said, ‘I always hope that my Year 6 class will enjoy learning and like all of the topics.’ Finally Carys asked about coping with planning. Mrs Stone said, ‘I do it as soon as I get home, even if it’s Friday. I have to work Saturday and Sunday evenings but I try do most of my marking, in the evenings, during the week.’



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