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For those amongst you who love dogs and who think “my dog understands everything I say, if only he/she could talk”, the next production at the Millgate Theatre in Delph is certainly for you. In A R Gurney’s play, “Sylvia”, which runs from 24th to 31st March, you can listen in on the conversations between a dog and her god – the man she’s found and attached herself to after straying in a park.

Greg and Kate are city-dwellers who are adjusting to life after children. Kate’s career as an academic is taking off, while Greg is being transferred to ever more meaningless and unsatisfying work.

In a walk in the park, Greg finds an adorable poodle mix with a tag indicating her name is Sylvia. Perhaps she finds him. He brings her home, fleas and all. Sylvia immediately establishes herself as Greg’s constant companion. She does what dogs do: she loves him unconditionally. She’s frisky and playful, tireless, loves to be petted and scratched, and hangs on his every word.

Soon Greg is avoiding work so he can bask in her delightful company. Kate recognizes a rival for Greg’s affections anda threat to her marriage, and tries to get Greg to give Sylvia up. Soon Greg must choose between  his wife and the dog . . .

“Sylvia” is reputed to be the most performed ‘amdram’ play in the USA and, on the professional stage, Sarah Jessica Parker has played the role of Sylvia on Broadway and Zoe Wanamaker has done likewise in the West End.

If you’ve ever been married, been middle aged, taken a walk in the park or kept a dog, this is a play not to be missed!

For further information regarding this play or the Saddleworth Players click here.



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